Saturday, July 5, 2014

Adventures in Toddlerhood

Mom brain much? I did a 12 month update, cute pictures and all, and forgot to post it. But as much as I tried to stop it, Avery did turn 1. And boy did she! So a day after her 13 month "birthday" (I'm not doing all that month stuff anymore, y'all) here's an update. 

Avery is blossoming into a little girl right infront of our eyes. At 12 months she was walking. Now, she walks from the door to the car, into her daycare classroom, in Target, holding our hands, but mostly by herself. 

She loves everything. She is so curious and eager to learn. She is adventurous, concerned, loving, sweet, fun, funny, silly, mischevious, skeptical. She is so many things smooshed into 17 pounds. She is the absolute love and light of our lives. 

Avery is very smart. She can find things, show us things, give us things, take things back. She can sign a few words and say a few more. She can open doors, open drawers, slide, stack rings, do simple puzzles, kick balls, throw balls, throw tantrums, and pretend to throw tantrums. One is the new two people. 

She gives hugs and big, open mouth kisses. She blows kisses and waves hi and bye to everyone. 

She has the best belly laughs.

She loves playing in water and books before bed. She always reaches for her bed at bedtime but always ends up cuddling mommy or daddy before going to sleep.

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